Cultivating Whole Thinking

Originally posted on my website 10 Jan 08 Often times when I use the word intuition with others, theyeither look at me with a blank stare as if they do not knowwhat I mean, or they imply that intuition is “out there” or thatsomeone else has it but not them.According to Webster, Intuition is ‘direct […]

Fate Versus Free Will

Originally Written on my websiteSept 2007 One of the questions that have continued to come up for me is,how much is our life destined by fate or how much free will do weactually have to create the life we all truly want? This isimportant to understand since so many come to me for anIntuitive session […]

Dear Friends,I am extremely grateful for everyone that I have worked with andwill work with in the future. Each session, each connection , opensme up to greater levels of compassion and understanding in my life.It has been a true gift for me to be in this profession all these years.Thank You for being in my […]