Empowerment Guide

The goal of a private session is for you to understand your true nature, and through this understanding, live the life you are really meant to live. Often times there are beliefs or attitudes that are holding us back from living our best self.  Janese uses a combination of tools to help assist you in moving towards your goals and dreams. Some of the main tools Janese uses is that of Intuition, wisdom, mindfulness, and understanding of the multiple levels of human nature. Learning the real truth of ourselves can truly set us free!

For those who have worked with me in the past, this is the same as an Intuitive Session.

Sessions are on a sliding scale- $90 ~ $150

Empowerment Life Coach

Empowerment Life Coach sessions are goal-oriented and interactive with the focus on empowering your life. Together we work on helping you make the changes that are necessary for you to develop the power of clear intentions and live the amazing life you deserve. This can also be used in helping you through difficult changes and life transitions.

It is important for us to commit to 6 one-hour sessions so that we can work on important directions, clarity and focus, that are important for your most empowered life.

6 sessions- $550 

Vision Board Facilitator

Through the use of intuition Janese will facilitate you in accessing your deeper vision for your life. Your finished board will be a statement on how you want your life to manifest! Creating a vision board entails a couple of steps. We will have a short discussion about the bagua of the board and importance of placement. On your own you will cut out pictures and pieces to put on your board. In the main session we will work together on Skype or in person. You will have a finished vision board that you can utilize everyday to bring your dreams to fulfillment.

For some examples of vision boards and how the process works, please look through my blog posts about vision boards.

Approximately 2 hours in two session time periods- $225

(new service)A Kickstart into the new You!!!

We are excited to be sharing our “tools” and opening our nurturing home in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC, for a weekend retreat/workshop with Janese and Roger! This weekend is tailor-made just for you. Through a questionnaire, we will look at the areas of your life that need more focus, and set the weekend schedule up to help you move into your truest and greatest potential.

Central to the Kickstarting into the new You will be an individual or couples empowerment session and working with various modalities to facilitate connecting with your vision. The weekend will also entail healthy eating, walks in the surrounding wooded trails, sauna, and yoga. Expect lots of great discussion and reflective space to get you moving into the new beginnings that you deserve!

$750 for a single $1400 for a double Friday- Sunday. Contact us for more information and scheduling