So many of my friends and clients are quite amazing and I want to share them with you. Here is a list of a few of their websites.


Wendy Brown is a Licensed Acupuncturist who graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture. She focuses on treating a broad range of health disorders ranging in nature & level of severity. Wendy has been practicing TCM for eighteen years with an appreciation and talent for caring for her patients all her own. She is located in Asheville.


Joan Marie is an amazing spiritual artist. I have her work throughout my house. I love it!


Combining thirty years of practice in Astrology with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts, I have developed a process that integrates the deepest elements of these modalities. This unique integrated approach facilitates your growth and evolution with deep empathy and sensitivity. I have refined my practice over many years of personal experience, self-discovery, and extensive work with individuals, couples and families. Using astrology, expressive arts, sand tray therapy, imagery, myth, and nature experiences you will experience a wealth of therapeutic skills to foster your growth and expand your awareness. By creating a safe and compassionate space I encourage, support and empower your healing and personal transformation.

Body work

Scott Gauthier is an incredible bodyworker and past life therapist


Tom Whittington is an amazing chiropractor in Western North Carolina. He not only does network chiropractic, but believes in working with the whole body and person. Tom works on many levels with multiple tools. He truly believes in helping the whole body come into its natural balance.

Conscious Games

This fabulous game invites you to begin to nourish the spirit of who you are while building connections with yourself and others in your life. Created by Susannah Spanton, teacher, facilitator, life-coach
and trainer of emotional health, Character ConnectionTM was developed to honor the characters that we play in our lives. . According to Susannah, “Each of us deserves to feel passionate about the gifts and talents we have been given.

Interior Design

Rose Ann Humphrey – Interior Design and Lifestyles catering


Amy Ragsdale creates beautiful and soul filled jewelery


Mary Murphy has a voice of an angel, and she is quite an extraordinary woman, and it shows in her music.

I listened to Charley’s music almost daily for ten years. It helped me stay focused on my relationship with the Divine.


Ancient Sun offers some of the finest Blue Green Algae products ever. I put some in my smoothie every morning, and have definately noticed an increase in energy.

Shopping Online

One stop Market


Spiritual Pathways-Reverend Sherri May Barclift, is an internationally known healer, teacher, lightworker and an ordained minister with the Alliance of Divine Love, (chapel 1547) a non-denominational organization.

Video Production

David Flander heads an award-winning production company, now in its 12th year, specializing in creative documentaries, long format film,video projects and customized television and radio commercials. Recently expanding to include both North and South Carolina, DFPro also provides print design and layout, marketing consultation, research, and complete market mix strategies and media placement throughout the U.S

Web and Graphic Design

Courtney Tiberio is a web and graphic designer based in Asheville, NC. With a focus on getting to know a client and visually representing the client’s personality, Courtney produces websites, book design and layout, logo and identity development, and other printed materials, and will even produce content for you.


Cheryl Pallant is a writer, dancer, practitioner of Contact Improvisation, and a writing coach. She also does editing. She is also a delightful and inspirational woman.