Opening up to creativity

As a child, I was quite creative. I loved making jewelry, clothes, fairs for other kids, and tumbling gems and rocks. Sadly, my life turned into survival, and I lost connection to that creative side. Over the years I used creative thinking and intuition as a way to express my creative side, but never imagined that the artistic creativity of my childhood was waiting for the right moment to arrive. Arrive it has, and with full enthusiasm! I would like to share how this came about in hopes that it may inspire your latent creativity.

The Dreams that awoke my creativity from a deep sleep.

I woke up with a very vivid dream that I was drawing a very large tree on canvas. I was using various shoes of blacks and browns of charcoal pastel to draw this very large and detailed drawing. The drawing was about 8 feet in height, and I stood back looking at it one last time to finish it. I was quite pleased with the drawing.

My first response and feeling after waking from this “dream” was that it was a message for me to take an art class. I had very little experience with painting, especially using soft pastels. I also felt unsure about painting since I am sighted in only one eye, and have been told that I see the world a little differently. So with my mixed feelings, I ignored the dream.

Two days later I had another dream in which I was painting a very colorful and vibrant painting.  After the second dream, I felt that I had no choice but to follow that calling. I signed up for a class that was to begin in three days, bought supplies from the list, and patiently waited with excitement and anxiety for the class to begin. On the day of the first class they called to tell me that it was cancelled. I was frustrated, but figured that since I had the dreams, as well as the supplies, I would check out art classes on YouTube.

Since then a whole new world has opened up to me and I am painting and creating jewelry almost every day. It is as if this aspect of me has been waiting for a time that it could come out. Creativity has become a meditation and prayer practice for me. Before starting each painting, I sit with the canvas and write positive affirmations on each one.  I believe that these loving thoughts have a life of their own that can nourish a space and energize and infuse the painting with Love! Since I was strongly guided to paint, and to use creativity as a prayer and healing purpose, I am wanting to share them with  you.

The goal of my art and jewelry is to add a smile on someones face or a gentle nudge in your heart to remember how truly precious you are! Are you Living the Best You! If so, wonderful! If maybe there is a bit of stretching for you to do in life, I would love to be one of the people on your journey to remind you on how precious you are, and cheer you forward! May you continue to shine a little brighter each day!

Since I have become quite prolific in making the jewelry and art, I have felt to sell them on Etsy. The joy of color can be quite healing. The jewelry is made with glass and precious metals. The paintings are mostly acrylic with some oils. I hope that these beautiful pieces bring as much joy and nourishment for you as it has been for me to make them.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings or jewelry, you can find them on My Etsy shop at

My Jewelry line is called DoReMiOm Creations as a reminder that through life’s difficulties, a positive attitude of inner joy can help us get through the toughest time.

If something that I have here that is not there, and you’re interested in it, let me know.that speaks to you is not up at Etsy yet, please let me know. If it is unavailable, perhaps I can try to recreate it.

Down below are pics of some of them to give you an idea on what I’m working with.

With Love and Blessings, Janese