An interview with Janese Derrough on intuition in our everyday life!

Those of you who’ve been following the 13-week pilot Internet radio that I’ve been hosting, know that I’ve been in a big learning curve! Many clients and friends have been asking me when was I going to talk about intuition and/or some of the teachings they’ve heard me talk about in sessions, workshops, or conversations. Last week it occurred to me that I had only one unscheduled show left to talk about what I wanted to talk about. Yes, I’ve had the great honor and joy to interview some amazing guests, but my story of using intuition in a practical way in our everyday life is IMPORTANT and deserves a platform. So after Geraldine Plato suggested that someone interview me about my experience with cultivating clearer intuition in our everyday life, I am thrilled to say that, I am the one being interviewed on this week’s show and it is a blast! I hope that in listening to the show, you will gain greater awareness and tools in feeling comfortable with your intuitive abilities in your every day life. You will find that in using and following your intuition, your life will have a greater flow and harmony in it. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me your questions at I appreciate the opportunity to help others with a skill that we all have, and I was fortunate to have been taught from my grandmother at a young age.

May your day be filled with an inner wisdom that will carry you to the next level and opportunity for a more joyous and nourishing life!

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