Reflective thinking can help prevent future suffering

Originally posted in Asheville Daily Planet Tuesday, 27 May 2008 If we look at some of the difficulties that we are having in our life today, we can often see from past situations how we ended up where we are now. Reflective thinking is not only a great tool for helping us to better understand […]

In a busy, active life, make time daily to cultivate peace, stillness of mind

Originally posted in Asheville Daily Planet 08 July 2008 This morning I woke up with clarity and peace about writing on clarity and peace. All morning, I was enjoying a wonderful clarity. I went through work with that clarity — and continued with this wonderful peace of mind. I was going to write about the […]

Let’s appreciate the kindness that is around each of us every day

This is a reprint from the Asheville Daily PlanetOriginally written on 04 March 2008 Do we take kindness for granted? It seems that kindness does not get the recognition that it deserves — that is, until we experience an unkind action from someone else, and then we realize that they were not being kind. With […]

overcoming hard times through honest appreciations

Many of us have grown up with painful stories and memories that at times can feel debilitating. We have attempted to heal the painful wounds that are buried deep within our being through various means. We have tried therapy, healing, self help books, forgiveness, prayer, and the many other means available that offer healing,only to […]

Dear Friends,I am extremely grateful for everyone that I have worked with andwill work with in the future. Each session, each connection , opensme up to greater levels of compassion and understanding in my life.It has been a true gift for me to be in this profession all these years.Thank You for being in my […]