Changes in my life the past three years

A lot has happened in the last three years that I have wanted to share with you. Many of you that have read what I have written and taught in workshops know that I strongly believe in using and following our intuition because I feel that in doing so, we open our life up to receiving more grace. I also believe that what we believe in our hearts about what we feel we deserve is really what we will manifest. Not the things that we keep saying that we want, but what we truly believe.

Jesus said ” As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, Proverbs chapter 23 verse 7.
Buddha quote regarding the same teaching states, ” “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

And in Ancient Upanishads teachings around 9 century BC, we read, “We are born on Earth repeatedly to finish the unfinished work of realizing our divinity”.

Each of these teachings indicate to me that we are all responsible in co-creating our life to it’s fullest potential. When I say co-creating, I am referring to a higher power whether you want to call it God, Spirit, source, or Love. I believe that alone we can not reach our greatest potential very easily, but when we open our hearts and minds to a greater consciousness(universal love), then miracles are not really miracles, they are actions that belong in all of our life each and every day.
Which now brings me to a little bit about my life these last three years.

21 years ago my 1st husband and I enthusiastically adopted 5 young aged children that ranged from 1 to 5 years old. For many years we felt that our job was to raise them as spiritually aware individuals. We set out to parent them in all the ways that we thought would help our children become loving,”conscious”, and positively contributing to society in an amazing ways.
Due to all of our beliefs and denial of our own need to heal our own inner children instead of focusing on “fixing” the children that we adopted, life hit us both pretty hard. We ended in divorce 1996, and our family broke in half with some of us on the east coast in 1999 and some with their dad in AZ.

Life took a very different turn, and my idealistic spirituality became practical living. I found that as their problems became more challenging, I learned that environment wasn’t all their is, genetics plays a strong role. I learned more about mental illness and personality disorder, tough love, letting go, and mostly I learned to love myself more deeply through it all.
Every day I imagined holding myself and telling litte Janese how loved she is, I did this amidst the angry yells of my children telling me that I was not their “real” mom.
If it wasn’t for my relationship with the Divine; some friends; and my ability to love my inner self; and my career as an Intuitive Life Coach, I don’t know how I would have made it through those years.

I knew that I needed to rebuild me, and rebuild my life.
Every day I heart felt imagined being in an amazing marriage , traveling, having healthy loving relations with family and friends, and enjoying my career.
I let myself cry, dance wild, throw stones off cliffs, and anything that would help me to release the deep felt grief that I was experiencing. I was feeling so broken, but knew that if I kept pressing forward, I would be “back” again.

6 years ago I got back involved with community work, dancing, hiking, and enjoying friends. Little by little the crying slowed down and hopefulness picked up. My connection to the Divine and Intuition started coming back in strongly again.
And 3 years ago , I met the love of my life!
Roger and I married 2 years ago, and our relationship has and continues to be such a gift in so many ways. His family a bonus gift with their open hearts and love. I feel very blessed!!!

In two weeks Roger and I will be trekking in Nepal to Mt. Everest base camp, and then a week in Bhutan. Many have asked me to blog this adventure. Which has what has sparked this update here.

My work as an Intuitive Life Coach has always been evolving in the 30 years that I have been doing this work. I am finding myself once again looking at a new way to work with some of the tools that I have been guided with.
I am trusting that the next direction in my life is as growth filled and joy filled as the many chapters my life has already experienced.
I am extremely grateful for all of you who have been or will be in my life.
My life would not be where it is without each and every person who has touched my heart and soul.

My next sharings will be on the planning of our upcoming trek to the Himalayas.

Many Blessings,

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