Creating a Vision Board

Creating vision boards is something that I have been doing for 20 years or so, and I have found that the process of creating a vision board can bring clarity and focus to life. When we have clarity and focus, along with heart, miracles and amazing things come into our life. When we live “in purpose and on purpose”, life truly happens in a powerful and magical way.

In the last couple years I have taught workshops on creating a vision board, and most recently,have started using it as a tool in private sessions with individuals and small groups.

Today I had the joyful experience of working with Margo and Geraldine on their business vision board! They have been doing their individual services and teachings for a while now, and are coming together and creating a business that entails all the services that they both contribute to the community. My role was to help facilitate this project.

Not only was it fun for all of us, but also the clarity that came from two hours of working on creating the vision board was priceless.

Contact me if you are interested in hearing more about creating a vision board.

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