Creating your Dream: A Vision Board Workshop

One of the main purposes in creating a vision board is that you put down in visual form all that you’d like to create in your life. A vision board helps you organize your thinking, goals, and dreams, into a “still” movie. Your vision board will help you to see if your heart (wishes) is consistent with your mind (belief) in attaining them. It is very important to do a vision board with short-term goals in mind. Often times the longer-term dreams start to “clutter” the clarity of our vision, unless it is toed into the shorter-term vision.

A big misconception that I have heard from others in the 30 years of working with clients and their vision boards, is that they believe that it’s not always effective and it takes a lot of time and energy to create. Some who’ve made a vision board, and found that their life dreams had not even come close to what they put on their board, or worse, they felt stuck.

There are many reasons that a vision board could stop short from being the powerfully effective tool it is in helping you to manifest the life you are meant to live. Some of the thinking that I have seen in myself and others that often prevent us from being the vibrant magnet in creating our truest potential are: feeling like a victim and not feeling that we can rise above our “miserable” circumstances; believing that “I” have to do it alone and no one is there to help; negative attitudes about money, love, or health that don’t match what we desire to create; and self sabotage (believing that we are not worthy).

Since we are so multifaceted, and our mind and heart, so often, are saying two different things, it is best to create your board with an objective mind that can weave all facets of your being to magnify the vision that you can truly believe in. As an Empowerment Guide, this is one of the things that I do in helping you to create a vision board that is powerfully effective.

Once your vision board is done, it is important to have it in a place that helps you to continue to strengthen your “vision”. Your vision board is an affirmation of you, and each time you look at it you can feel whether it still speaks accurately of your vision. You might find that you’ve put something on there that feels unsettling. This is an opportunity to go deeper and reflect on why that bothers you. Maybe you don’t believe that it can happen for you or the responsibilities of life are too great. These are good questions to ask yourself, and to honestly look at what you really believe in regarding creating a more fulfilling life.

If we put everything on our vision board that we want to manifest, that can be a bit unattainable and discouraging. I have found that it is important to work with what you feel is attainable, and go for that now.

One tool that I use for myself and others in order to help organize thoughts, is superimposing a Feng Shui bagua over a poster board. Each quadrant of the poster board has a specific focus, that helps you achieve the desired outcome.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with triplets over the years through various ways. Recently they came to our home for a Vision Board weekend to work on their shared career goals. They are amazing and talented women with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm to carry those dreams through. As a Empowerment Guide, I was able to guide them into a unified and empowering short-term workable goals. In creating their vision board together, they are able to see more clearly the roles that each is to take with their next career direction. The workshop was very helpful for them in organizing their thoughts, and they created a beautiful vision board that will help them stay focused and to envision the steps needed to bring their desired manifestation.

For me, it is always an honor to be open and receive the wisdom that comes through so that we all can live in our truest potential. The triplets have shared their experience of their workshop below, along with a picture of their, close to finished, vision board (they added beautiful touches later).


I absolutely loved our weekend in Asheville with Janese and Roger.  I had come to the weekend uptight and slightly distraught and left in a peaceful state of being, completely nurtured from start to finish!  The futuristic massage chair, the sauna, the comfy accommodations, the food..the loving dogs and of course Janese and Roger’s warm and personable hospitality.  Aside from all the comforts that make for a great weekend get away, my sisters and I were there for a vision board workshop which proved enlightening and gave me such a clarity of vision.  I had come into the weekend with so many questions and so many directions for our business venture and left knowing and feeling empowered and content with our final product and its new direction.  Janese has an uncanny way of guiding and I’m always left feeling amazed, grateful and humbly thankful..


Wow!!  What a powerful and visionary weekend my sisters and I had at Janese & Roger’s home nestled in the side of the mountain in Asheville, NC.  I couldn’t have wanted for more — from the welcome brigade (their two loving doggies, Saja and Lobajay) to the Ahhh-mazing ultra massage chair, the soothing sauna, and the wonderful food they invited us to share with them.  I drove away feeling so nurtured and empowered from our vision board retreat.  During the workshop, Janese guided us through the purpose and meaning of vision boarding and manifesting what my sisters and I see as our gift to give to the world in this lifetime.   Using her intuitive guidance, that always hits the center of knowingness for me even if my own conscious hasn’t recognized it, she helped us to focus in on our vision.  Whenever we strayed, she asked us questions, getting us to think outside the box to see what pictures we needed to add to our board to successfully manifest and bring each of us as individuals into our life purpose through our new business together.  I am so grateful for the wind she put under our wings with the clarity she brought to our business vision.   What a wonderful environment for growing and healing these two beautiful people shared with us over the last two days.  Namaste…


As my sisters and I drove up the mountain from Asheville just before dark, a sense of peace and calm settled upon us.  We pulled up to a beautiful home nestled in the woods and tucked into the mountainside.  Treading across the winding walk, we crossed a stream running under foot, as Janese opened the door with smiles and welcoming laughter, ushering us into her and Roger’s warm home. We were offered nourishment and good conversation before we tucked ourselves into our beds for  restful sleep.

A sunny summer morning greeted us, and we shared a delicious, healthful breakfast and stories together on the veranda — a perfect start to our day.

Afterwards, Janese took us to our workspace and we talked and meditated for a bit about the purpose, focus and direction of our vision board.  Janese helped and guided us with reassurance and wisdom.  We all concluded it to be “done” at the same time; that was empowering.

This vision board exercise was healing, inspiring and motivational, and Janese’s immense and natural talents always leave us with a sense of well-being.

We were only “passing through,” but if you are able stay for further healing and teaching from Janese and Roger, you should!  Walks, hikes, and exploration of this beautiful area should not be overlooked either!



Thank you Roger and Janese for a wonderful experience.  We love you!

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