Creativity and the Small Still Voice

As a child I was quite creative, and managed to express my creativity in many ways; like creating a fair at age 12 and giving some of my toys away as prizes, I even pretended to be a gypsy reading a crystal ball/rock. In 5th grade I won a contest for best drawing of the class. I was beyond thrilled to have won a live duck. Apparently my parents weren’t, as the duck soon ended up in a local pond. Through the trauma of our house burning down, my mother leaving us again, and multiple other traumas, I put away the creativity and moved into survival mode.

Recently, I have been feeling that small still-voice within guiding me back to a part of me that I had lost touch with, my creative artistic side! For several years I have been saying that one day I will take art lessons. Thankfully, in spite of my lack of attention, that small still-voice persisted. Six months ago, I had a vivid dream that I was using a charcoal stick to draw this amazing tree. When I stood back in the dream, I was so happy to have drawn the tree. I awoke with the sense that I needed to take an art class, yet still managed to dismiss without follow through, until two days later, I had a another dream, this time I was painting a beautiful and colorful scene. This time I responded immediately and was registered for an art class before getting out of bed.

Later that day I then ran to the art store and bought all my supplies. I was excited beyond words! On the day of the class, I got all my supplies out and was ready to leave when I got a call from the school that the class was canceled due to insufficient student enrollment. Here I was with lots of art supplies and no class. What was I to do? As I went inward to ask for some clarity, I got the message to go on YOU Tube and see what was available, to my surprise, and delight, the quantity, quality and diversity of art tutorials is virtually unlimited. Since then I have been creating and learning almost every day.

The reason that I share this with you is in hopes to inspire you to listen a little deeper to your small still-voice that may be telling you to come back to a part of yourself left behind. These elements are, and always have been, part of our nature that, sadly, we often put on the shelf or hide away due to our concept of how to “survive.” Too often the parts of us that we put aside have the attributes that will bring us our greatest healing which then connects us to our deeper joys.

Even though I have no idea where my newfound interest in painting will take me, I can tell you that I am loving every minute of this exploration. A new passion has emerged and I am on purpose in ways that I had not experienced. I would love to hear what you are doing to bring back elements that you left behind. Maybe you enjoyed nature, art, dance, learning, travel, or an activity that has been left aside. IT is NEVER too late to bring it back and watch it weave a newfound happiness into the tapestry of your life!


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