Fate Versus Free Will

Originally Written on my website
Sept 2007

One of the questions that have continued to come up for me is,
how much is our life destined by fate or how much free will do we
actually have to create the life we all truly want? This is
important to understand since so many come to me for an
Intuitive session hoping to hear their future. What I have learned
since doing this work is that no one can predict another’s future
100% since we all have a certain amount of free will.

We also do have Karma and fate, and this is based on many
things, including past lives. We also have free will to decide
which direction to go in to in our life. The combination of these
two along with God’s grace are all acting in our life.
With the combination of these acting in our life, it is important to
know our true self. Not the self we have easy access to, but our
deep inner beliefs and attitudes. These deep beliefs are the ones
that affect our destiny more than anything.

The great news is, with a surrendering of deep grief, anger, and
judgments; we can truly open our hearts more so that all of God’s
grace can come through.
When we open our hearts more, we heal our karma. Karma and
unpleasant fate can be changed through love! That is the exciting
aspect of all of this.

What I have often seen is that we think we are being more loving
when really we are only “thinking” that we are more loving. It is
really important to “feel” more loving. How we can know that if
we are truly more loving is if we have seen that we have dropped
the “victim” thinking. When we accept our direction in life while
knowing that we deserve God’s grace is when wonderful and
profound things really do come in.

Let’s move forward together in truth and Light!

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