Intuitive Harassment ~ By Laurie Fisher

In 2002, I really wanted to buy a house to use as a rental property to supplement my minimalistic musician’s earnings . . build some equity.  Alas, then as now, self-employed folk musicians have a hard time qualifying for a mortgage.  SO, back in 2002, A friend with a day job and I were going to go in together on one . . . she wanted another property, but didn’t have time to deal with it all. . . together we could share the load, and I could get into at least shared ownership.

We looked at properties in Asheville.  One in particular is of significance in this story; a property in mid-north Asheville . . . rather borderline in terms of repairs and updating. . . . it was in a neighborhood I had never visited before.  Alas, then she decided to get a hot tub instead of invest in real estate, so I had no financiable  partner.  I surrendered to this well enough . . . figured something else would occur . . . I SO FELT I wanted to be a landlady and get a house.

THen this same repair-laden house we looked at started haunting me . . . all the way out to Swannanoa where I lived it haunted me.  I realized that was the perfect neighborhood for rental in Asheville, and I felt suddenly so driven to figure out how to get that house.  I called the agent, hoping maybe some creative financing could be found for me.  To my great disappointment, the house was already under contract.  Then the house REALLY started to haunt me . . . unusual for me-I’m pretty good at letting go.  I found myself in LOVE with that neighborhood and felt it the most perfect place in God’s green earth for me to get a house.  I called the agent again to see if anything had fallen thru, but no, a closing date was imminent.  SO now the house REALLY REALLY starts to haunt me . . . in inserts itself into my consciousness many times a day . . . I’m bemused by this, since the house WAS borderline, had issues etc. . . why did it keep pestering me?  Yes, the neighborhood was PERFECT . . . . OK, so lets keep our ear to the ground for another house for sale here right??? . . . but no, this house clings and goes beyond haunting to downright harassment.    One late night as I was departing some other event in Asheville, that house comes bounding into my  consciousness and wont desist.  SO I say to myself, “SHEESH!  OK, I’ll just drive over there and say GOOD BYE! . . . maybe then it will let go.”  So I drive over there late at night.  I park in front of the house . . . I say my good-bye, I say thank you even, for showing me how much I REALLY want to own a house, and learning what a good neighborhood this is.  I feel the buzz in my heart chakra . .  I do a release, it feels good, like its really letting go  . . . ahhhh . . . exhale . . . all is well.

THEN, I start my car up again to continue down the street . . . the first thing my headlights hit is a big sign that says “FOR SALE BY OWNER” on a house two doors down.   I see that sign and I have that subtle but strong sense you get when you toss something from a distance into a trash can, and before it releases you are sure its going right in — and it DOES.  By month’s end I was financed and owned that home and began venturing in to my first real estate project and eventually became a very satisfied landlady.


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