Living the Best You Empowerment Radio with Janese Derrough

Living the Best You with Janese Derrough is a radio podcast about living an empowering life, and living the life that you love!  Janese shares insights and wisdom that she has gained through her experience as an Intuitive/Empowerment  Guide, as well as interviews guests. We all learn from one another, and We are the show. The tools and techniques shared will help  empower you in your life so you can move forward in a more harmonious and productive way. The show will also  help you to listen to your intuition and to develop clear intentions. Each show will inspire you, energize you, and guide  you to bringing the real you into your life. When the real YOU shows up in life, miracles and amazing opportunities  become apparent to your conscious mind. Each show will help bring clarity and tools to guide you courageously into the amazing life that you deserve to live.

Listen to the podcast shows:

  1. Are you living an empowered life? And what does that mean anyway?
  2. An amazing and effective way to turn around a life of struggle and strife
  3. Mindfulness and uncomfortable feelings
  4. Major ingredient for success
  5. Take the leap and make it happen
  6. Paddling up a new river: follow your dream
  7. The powerful tool of a vision board
  8. Invisible Children
  9. Integrating intuition as a practical tool in all areas of your life
  10. Embodying an empowered life
  11. Awakening your brain through a meaningful life
  12. Relationship with time and being in the flow
  13. Living the life and being the person you were born to be