Living the Best You with guest Nancy Colier

This show has been a lot like school. I was in graduate school when I was called and asked to do the show. I decided to take a leave of absence to give this experience a go. I teach in my workshops and sessions the importance of following open doors when they have mostly green lights. So true to what I teach, I walked through. The most exciting part of doing the show is meeting wonderful people and reading their teachings or books. I feel as though I’m still in school. But then isn’t life one big classroom and all the experiences are opportunities to learn?I also find it interesting that in doing the same profession for over thirty years, I gained a confidence with working as an intuitive/empowerment guide, that I am looking forward to experiencing as a show host. In other words, this new experience is pushing up against insecurities and new levels of anxiety that I haven’t experienced in a long time. It is a wonderful gift to look at it, and keep on moving forward, while having self compassion.

As you hear in this show, Nancy Colier talks about the importance of being with self in an authentic way. What makes this new experience a big stretch for me is that I get to be completely vulnerable in my newness in front of everyone who is listening…ugh…very humbling.  I appreciate the feedback and support that I’m getting from some, thank you. One feedback that I’ve heard twice now is to relax and have more fun. I am having fun, but due to the new technical  and interviewing another person learning while trying to be myself, my fun is not shining through yet! My guess is that it will more with each new show. If you’ve missed listening to Nancy’s great wisdom, you can listen now from here. Thank you for sharing this exciting and growth filled journey with me. It takes courage to show up in life!This upcoming Wednesday, I get to interview my husband, Roger Derrough. If you’re wondering what I would be interviewing about, you’ll have to listen in to find out! Hope your day is filled with love and wonder!

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  1. Embarking on anything performance related is humbling. But it’s those imperfect performances that draw us closer to the performer than the perfect 10s. Sensing that vulnerability and seeing someone have the courage to push through is inspiring to say the least. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us, lighting the way, showing us that being in uncomfortable insecure spaces can actually be gifts, opportunities for growth and expansion. Sometimes that’s a hard take away when we are lost in the waves of our own fears and insecurities and we want to hand the oars over to someone else.

    • Hi Laura,
      I think change brings anxiety to most of us. It is how we deal with it and think about it that matters. A recent show we talked about having grit, that is perseverance and passion to accomplish a goal. I know for me each show brings up for me the desire to help others. That passion wins in the end, leaving my feelings of insecurity by the wayside. The desire to help others has been a powerful drive that has helped me through so many situations. I also am not striving to be a ten at what I’m doing. That goal would definitely inhibit me. I only strive to do the best that I can do. Thanks for sharing and for your support!

  2. Jillian Wolf

    Thank you so much for “showing up” to do this show, Janese. I never find myself in your sphere that I’m not learning something, and your guests certainly add a dimension of their own. Your interview with Nancy started a conversation with friends and family that lasted several days, as each dialogue dug deeper and wider into the nature of emotion and authenticity. As my thoughts continue to percolate, and I begin to incorporate those sharings into everyday life, the learning continues. Can you feel the ripples?

    • Jillian, Thank you for sharing your feedback about the show. I know that nancy brought up some great points about how to be in the moment with feelings. Certainly a skill they don’t teach us growing up! I’d love to hear you share your insights and the conversations that this show has brought up for you. Thanks for sharing! Yes, the ripples are a spreading all over (lol).

  3. Jillian Wolf

    I no longer recall the path my conversation took as it ran a course over several days with a number of people. So the end result may not make sense with regard to being in the moment with your feelings. We were looking at anger, and people’s reactions to it. And what I think we discovered, is that who you are behind the emotion, that energy, also informs the reaction of others. So if someone is upset over an injustice, poor service, or whatever, and comes into that with a sense of righteous authority, the response will be an amending of the problem. But if someone comes into feeling angry as a victim, the response will be very different. Sometimes victim energy elicits sympathy, enough to reward people for staying in it, but more often it elicits additional victimization. So it’s a vicious cycle. If someone feels victimized and is angry about that, they will be further victimized and further angered… It’s a tough nut to get past, as I expect that most anger comes from a place of feeling victimized.

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