major ingredient for sucess

This show was a lot of fun since I was interviewing someone that I knew well. Yes, I interviewed my husband Roger Derrough. Studies have shown that there is a greater chance of success when a person is motivated from within (intrinsically), and they are passionate about accomplishing the goal. That is called Grit! When a person is motivated from their own passion, they are more willing to keep their focus on the outcome when things get tough, then if they were simply motivated by an external interest. After reading this I thought about the people that I know that have attained success in life through grit. This lead me to look at what success actually means. Success is seen as the accomplishment of a aim or goal. This actually could mean outer worldly;inner healing ; success in parenting;  artistic and creative goals; and a wide range of of other goals. For me success has been coming through a very troubling and confusing childhood to a more empowered adult life. I am quite proud of the woman that I’ve become.

For the show, I wanted to interview a person that embodies both the inner and outer meanings of success. The name that came up for me is Roger Derrough. Roger not only built a multimillion dollar business from 10,000 dollars in 1975, but he has also been on an inward journey of personal growth and living with compassion and integrity. If you haven’t listened to the show, I have embedded it here for you. I hope you leave comments, questions, or sharing.

Tomorrow’s show will have Jennifer Wilkov as our guest. Jennifer’s story is also another amazing story of grit through hard times. Jennifer was falsely accused of real estate fraud and went to Rikers prison for four months. She went with an attitude that helped her not only survive the experience, but to thrive and help others to thrive during that hard time. Hope you join us at 3:00 pm EST for the show.

Thank you for being on this growing journey with me.

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