Making a difference by standing and shining the LIGHT!

originally posted on my website 03 June 08

In the 25 years since I learned about doing “light work”, I
have hardly missed a day in my morning “light work”
routine.I have seen so many wonderful things happen due to the
light work that I wanted to share it with you. First I will
share my story around doing light work, then talk about how it
works and how to do “light work”.

26 years ago I went through a life changing and
transformative experience after I hit a very long and rocky
period in my life. This transformation led me to questioning
everything. I wanted to know whether God existed, and if
so, I wanted God to tell me. Well the experience that I had
after a year of asking continuously was quite profound and
changed me forever.

After that experience, I opened myself up to learning from
so many different people. A very special “teacher” came
into my life, and told me that he saw that I had lived a
childhood with a lot of pain because it was in my energy field. He
suggested doing “lightwork” to clear it out.
I wanted so badly to be a clear person, and to be free
from the pain and suffering that I had experienced, that I was
quite devoted to giving this lightwork a try. He suggested
that I say, “I am surrounded in light and only light can be
with me and only light can be near me.”
Of course I was so determined to make my life and
connection to the divine become so clear that I said this
about 10 times a day.

It was not until three months later that I noticed a difference.
I remember walking into a grocery store and being pulled into an unconscious state with the music. So I surrounded myself in light, and right away I
noticed clarity of my mind that had not been there minutes before.
I was quite excited and surprised because up to this point I was only doing it as an experiment.
My then husband and I decided to experiment with other people. One day when we were seated at a food court in a mall, we saw a family of four sitting about four tables
away.The two children were about four and two years old. As we were imagining the family in light, the four year old looked right at as and pointed to his little sister. We noticed that she was getting antsy. So we started focusing the light onto
her,he then looked again, smiled, and turned away. We were
quite convinced at his response that we began to believe
that there was something to doing lightwork.

I can go on with the amazing miracles that I have seen
over the past 25 years of doing lightwork but they are now too
numerous to list. The stories and blessings from standing
in the light and doing lightwork are endless. Lightwork has
become a part of my morning “inner” time. I not only
surround family, friends, clients, and pets in light, but I
also surround the world, politicians, environment, and all that I
can add into the list.

You might ask how imagining light around something or
someone really works? Light is energy, and white light is
the highest energy there is.
Science has shown us that ultimately everything is made of energy, and that it is vibrating at different frequencies.
That is why animals can sense fear and anger from people. We can do that too, but are not aware of it.
Fear and anger have a low vibratory rate, whereas love and contentment have a higher frequency.

Sometimes life gets us so bogged down that our personal
frequency is a lot lower than we realty want it to be. By
surrounding our selves or others in white light , we in
essence are putting a higher vibratory rate around us ,
and this purifies the energy to higher rate.

I am sure this sounds too simplistic, but what do you
have to lose by giving it a try. What is really important here is not
to try it once and give up because the results weren’t
immediate. Your vibratory rate is radiating from years of
many different emotions. Surrounding yourself in light at
least once daily is helping to reinforce a more loving and
conscious vibration, and this sometimes takes time to do.
When I was first told how to do this lightwork, I was told
to see myself in a bubble of white light. I had a hard time
visualizing at that time so he suggested that I just say
that I am surrounded in light and only light can be with me, and
only light can come near me. After a long while I started
to visualize it, and then years later, I started to feel it. But I
was a little dense due to the lifestyle that I chose before
my transformation.

I believe that we are in some changing and difficult times.
I also believe that the more light that we shine into the
world,the greater the chances of experiencing that reality. I
hope that you too see the importance of doing “lightwork” too.
And if you have another way of doing that, then how wonderful!
There are so many ways to heal, and to heal a
planet. The clue is that we are all doing something to
make a difference for the good of humanity.

May your light shine ever so brightly each and every day!

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