Manifest your Dreams; Create a Vision Board

Manifest your dreams; create a Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board is a fantastic tool in bringing forth you’re inner hopes, desires, and dreams into a clear and focused direction. Just as you have decided your lifestyle, job, education, and home; you too have the ability to create beyond that and to live in your truest potential. We often dream big and sometimes make changes slowly. A Vision Board helps you to stay focused and to keep the connection to what is deeply in your destiny and wants to get out.

As an Intuitive/Empowerment guide, the question that I hear a lot is, “if we are fated, then why create a Vision Board?” What I have come to believe through this work is, yes, there is fate, AND there is free will. Not only do we have control over our freewill, we, also, deserve to create the life that nurtures our truest potential! Over the thirty years that I have been creating Vision Board for myself and assisting others in theirs, I have found some important points that will make the difference in whether your board will serve you to manifest your truest potential or simply be a nice looking wall decoration years later.

How do we create? We humans are complex beings with multiple beliefs going on simultaneously. Every thought and feeling that we have has an energetic frequency to it. An example of this would be if we are around someone who is angry and they’re not showing it. We’re not sure why being around them makes us feel uncomfortable, and since we’re intuitive beings. we’re intuiting the unpleasant energy that they’re emitting. That, also, goes for the positive emotions too. Have you ever been around a happy person, and you just want to start singing? It is all contagious because it’s energy. So are the thoughts and feelings that you hold about what you want in your life. We attract or repel based on what we are putting out consciously and subconsciously throughout our life.

The biggest challenge that I have seen in working with manifestation is when our emotional voice is speaking a different language than our mental voice. This incongruence limits the strength and clarity of your “magnetic” self, and you might bring in inconsistent parts of your vision, but not necessarily the wholeness of it. One of the most important things for manifesting your dreams is to have an emotional connection to what you want to create, what I call “wearing it.” So by feeling and connecting with your Vision Board you are bringing different voices together to align with the ultimate vision.

For example, if you want to create wealth, and you don’t believe it, or have a bad opinion about wealthy people, more than likely you will not get far with that manifestation. Your emotional nature must be a close match to what your mind wants in order for you to be a strong magnet in attracting that to you. The more in agreement these two voices are, the more clear and powerful you are a magnet that is drawing your vision to you. A Vision Board helps these voices relate to the same vision.

The structure that I use in creating a Vision Board is also very helpful. I use the idea of a feng shui bagua overlaying the board. The diagram below shows the Feng Shui board placement categories.

Here is an example of a vision board that I helped facilitate with these amazing triplet sisters, which they did together for their shared career.


Another important point is the importance of being specific. If you want wealth, put pictures of money there. The more specific you can get, the better it will serve you with your vision. Plus, the most important part, Have fun doing it, this is your life!!!

         I hope you have as much fun and success with your Vision Board as I have seen with so many, and have experienced myself. If you have further questions, I can be contacted at

Note: I was asked to write this  for a website called They help you to create a vision board through the internet, and they have a strong community support to assist you in creating your dreams.






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