My adventure in creating a radio show


For the past nine months I was a full-time graduate student, which resulted in a significant slowed down of my business as an Empowerment Guide. I was thinking that I would work on building my business after I received my MS degree. Then, two months ago, I got a phone call, the display said “World Radio”; I figured it was a marketing person and was going to leave the call unanswered, however I did answer it and life hasn’t been the same.

The caller was from Voice America, an Internet radio channel and they wanted to discuss the possibility of my hosting a 13-week pilot show on their Empowerment channel. I’d never heard of Voice America, and this brought up lots of feelings, from doubt about the authenticity of the show, to feeling excited for the new opportunity. Turns out that there are 3.3 million listeners a month on Voice America between seven channels and they’ve been around since the 1990’s.

Voice America Executive Producer, Scott Duffy, did some role-playing with me to see how I’d handle a caller. Though I felt a bit tongue-tied and stumbled over my words, Scott assured me that I had done well. After going through the process of being accepted, I still needed to feel whether this was the “right” direction for me. Every time I thought about not doing the show, I could feel myself close down, I was intuiting to go ahead with the opportunity while my fear was telling me not to. I knew that I needed to follow the door that had opened and not give in to the fear. When a door opens, I feel that it’s important to walk through it.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into! Scott told me that I was in charge of the show, that it would be my creation, which included a long list of tasks, like getting the music together, creating marketing material, and contacting show guests, most of which I had no experience with. Nonetheless, I enthusiastically ventured in and, must say, I have been stretched in more ways then I can count. The last piece, which turned out to be the most challenging and full of growth opportunities, was putting each show together. The easiest part was the show name, which popped out of my mouth when talking with Scott. Roger has been an endless support, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without his support.

My vision for the show is that we feel a sense of community with one another with a lot of sharing, asking questions, and learning from wisdom that is being shared. The goal is to be open to the direction that is most beneficial for the well being of all. Although I will host the show, share my insights, and guide the process, Living the Best You, is about you!

Tomorrow is the first show, but I’m actually currently working on the fifth show. One thing I’ve learned through researching each show is that there are some amazing teachers, thinkers and authors whose messages are uplifting contrasts to the stream of sad and negative news out there, and we can’t hear their messages enough. This encourages me on the real direction that we are going as a species!

I am looking forward to the experience of co-creating the show with you! Together we bring it alive! I hope you join us on Wednesday’s, 3:00 pm EST.


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  1. Katrina

    Hi, Janese!

    Today was a full day for me, but right at 3pm an inner bell went off just in time for me to turn on your first show! I was celebrating with you. A question about your show: You mention in your blog that while today was your first broadcast, you are working on the fifth show. Do you mind explaining that process? Do you tape the first portion of the show? Are the callers live?

    I like your community focus with the show. It was as much a pleasure to feel the energy of the callers as it was to hear your insights. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations, Janese!

    • I want to thank everyone who has been an amazing support for the show!

      The shows are live each Wednesday at 3:00 pm EST. They also play it 12 hours later on the network. I am putting each show together which means finding people to interview, topics, studying topics, sending in descriptions and bios for network. A lot goes into each show that I had no idea about. I already have two authors that have agreed to be interviewed. I think if it was just me talking each week, that would grow old fast. There are so many fascinating stories and people to bring on the show. If you have thoughts or ideas, I’d love to hear them. This is definitely a lot more work that I ever thought. The good news is, I am loving it! Thanks for the support.

  2. Jillian Wolf

    You’re a star! But you knew that, in the deepest sense of the word, right? I enjoyed what I caught of the first show (“technical difficulties”) and look forward to the next one. You have so much to share, and it will be interesting to see what that brings out in others. Thanks for holding the space for this opportunity.

  3. I apologize if your responses haven’t been showing up on blog post. I had approved them and am not sure why they aren’t. I’m hoping they are now. Thank you for sharing.

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