overcoming hard times through honest appreciations

Many of us have grown up with painful stories and memories that at times can feel debilitating. We have attempted to heal the painful wounds that are buried deep within our being through various means. We have tried therapy, healing, self help books, forgiveness, prayer, and the many other means available that offer healing,only to find ourselves still feeling the affects of deep wounds from times past.

My childhood was not an easy one. I choose not to put a lot of energy into telling that “story” at this time, but I can say that experienced abandonment and abuse from every angle. By the time I was 20 years old, my life had become a mess that seemed unrepairable. I felt hopeless and all alone. There was not a solution in my conscious mind that I could have imagined would work for me.
Fortunately for me my soul had a greater plan for me.

At 20 years old I went into a rehab for seven long months. I acquired some life tools that helped inspire me to work on my life in ways that I could not have done before. I worked hard to get out of the “world” that I been living. A world of self pity, victim, and lacking in feelings of worth. I knew That I deserved a better life, but up until then, had no clue on how to attain it.

Not only did I work hard on healing my emotional self, but I also asked my “guidance”, my soul a lot of questions. I wanted to know the truth of life! I wanted to know whether the Divine existed, and what was it. I asked from the depth of my being, and through the deep heart felt questions came some incredible and profound answers.

It has now been over 27 years since that dark period in my life, and I am truly grateful to not only be alive, but to feel alive in ways that I could not have imagined. Although I have used many “tools” to get where I am today, the greatest and easiest tool I have found is the tool of using gratitude in our daily life.

When we feel like victims of our past and that life has dealt us a raw deal, that feeling dominates our whole being. This does not allow for new energy and new thinking to come in. Our feeling of being a victim becomes the filter in how we view the world. We see the world as a victim, we radiate that out, and attract that in.

All the positive thinking in the world will not change that world view. But changing our feelings in our heart will do wonders.
When we look at our life from a new perspective and really appreciate the good that is there, our hearts get lifted to a higher place. I know there are times that feel challenged to find the blessings. But we can always find at least one. Even if that one is having the gift of sight, sound, touch, or smell.

By cultivating a greater appreciation for our life, the feeling of victim and pain becomes “watered” down from the feelings of appreciation and gratitude. This watering down allows for the new feelings of gratitude and appreciation to become the dominant theme with us, which that radiates out a whole new energy out to the world.

The important key here is to be honest with our appreciations.When we find an appreciation that can resonate with a real part of ourself,then it truly does affect the chemical “energetic” nature of our being.

I know for me it is difficult to stay in gratitude all the time. There are times that life feels really hard, and I want to hide from the world. I find that being truly honest with myself about how I feel,turning it over to a higher power, while looking at what I appreciate in my life helps me shift faster than anything.

I think there is a misguided belief in the alternative healing community that admitting that we are feeling bad somehow will manifest as negative in our life. The truth is that if we are feeling bad, then pretending that we are happy just gives more energy to the unhappy feelings to act out in subtle unconscious ways.

We are going to have struggles in life, and we are going to have wonder in life. That just is the way it is for most people. I have not met anyone in life that has not suffered, but I have met a lot of people in life who feel ripped off because they have suffered.That feeling of being ripped off for suffering actually causes more suffering and creates a whirlpool of suffering.

Accepting that suffering happens, grieve, turn it over, and appreciating the good, has worked for many people in overcoming deep rooted pain and suffering, and has helped many come to a greater and more loving space in life.

Thank you for reading my blog, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask.
Many Blessings to you!

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