Paddling up a new River: follow your dream. Janese interviews Bryan Robinson

Living the best you show host interviews Bryan Robinson. Dr. Bryan Robinson was born with a pen in his hand! Author of 35 nonfiction books; living in Charlotte, NC; and teaching at UNC Charlotte. He then decided to follow his dream and write a novel, move to Asheville, and go into private practice. This interview helps give concrete ideas about how you can create positive change in your life. If you did not get a chance to listen to this live, it is now available here. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to share thoughts and discussion if you can. Have a peace filled day!

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  1. Jillian Wolf

    I enjoyed this show for the experience Bryan brought to the topic, and also because it’s relevant to the changes I’m currently making myself. Interestingly, Janese, you refer to paddling up river. In my experience, when something feels like you’re going against the current, you’re going the wrong way! I recently left a job for that very reason. Not only was I paddling upstream, but my supervisor was putting holes in my boat! Could I have made other choices to “batten down the hatches?” Probably. But it didn’t FEEL right for me. So, I am a 60 year old female with no degree, who quit my job with no prospects, on faith. Bryan mentioned several times that you don’t want to take risks that put you in harm’s way, and it’s worth mentioning that I do have a small savings to rely on if my partner’s support gives out…some cushion financially. And while plenty of people have gone under (to continue the metaphor) that started with more, I also have a history of making changes exactly like this that I’m relying on. I have several times in my life made a complete career change by immersing myself in where I want to go. I can’t say that any of them have been as financially lucrative as I’d have liked, as immersion for me has meant starting at the bottom and working my way up (again). But I’ve had the rewarding experience of largely doing what I enjoy, on purpose, happily going WITH the flow. I like your idea of envisioning AND feeling into where you want to be. I watched and supported your doing that instead of “settling” for a partner that wasn’t right for you. I also said at the time, that when you are truly ready, when your own house (or boat) is in order, the right man will come to share it with you…just as I’d heard you say to me so many times. That gets back to going with the flow. When something is right, when we are truly ready to be somewhere, the river just flows there. It’s a lot about intuition, as you’ve also proven out in your own life. And it’s a lot about faith in that intuition. In your show with your husband, Roger, you talked about having grit to overcome obstacles. I’m thinking grit is another term for faith. Because when we’re on purpose, we know it. It feels good and right. But staying in touch with that requires faith. Immersing myself in a new field is my waying of feeling into it and of demonstrating the faith that it will work out because it just feels so right. It’s where I’m supposed to be. I’m volunteering and am otherwise active in the field I’ve chosen to work in, with the added practical value of gaining real experience. I’m supposed to be exactly where I am. I know that because it feels right, even if I have no current information on the outcome. I have faith that it will work out exactly as I need it to (keeping “want” out of the mix). It always has.

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