Springtime awakenings

Originally posted on my website 17 March 09

For many of us, winter is a time of being in our “in
breath”, it is a time of reflection, and of being. I know
for many, this winter has been particularly challenging
with all the changes with our Country as well.
Fortunately at the end of every winter, we open to the
blossoming of life. Spring arrives with the sweet
sounds of nature calling to us, asking us to open to a
new sense of renewal. Calling our souls to awaken and
express itself through our personality in all areas of
our life.

This is our time to remember, to remember who we
really are. We are more than personalities that we
have been trained to believe.
We are a beautiful and precious soul that is similar to
a flower that is trying to come through the hard
ground. The flower tries to burst forth, and desires and
longs to come into full bloom, but due to harsh
conditions, cannot fully stand it its true beauty and
present itself as the magnificent flower that it truly is.
We can say that life is so harsh and prevents us from
really being the magnificent being that we are or we
might be waiting for someone else to recognize our
beauty, and help us (water) to become the true beauty
of who we are.

But the real truth for the flowers that have come into
full bloom and continues to shine forth the beauty of
true nature is that no matter where they are in
geographies, they have had to endure harsh weather
conditions to become the strong and radiant plant that
it is. Some flowers have endured more harsh
conditions than others, but all have experienced
changes. It is the flowers that continue onward and
upward toward the sunshine, the light, that are
strengthened through the harsh and changing times.

They are the flowers that radiant such a profound
presence and beauty where words cannot describe.
How are we in our personal lives? Are we the striving
and growing flowers that might be weathering some
harsh conditions, but we continue to reach for the
sunshine? Or are we letting the hard ground hold us
down? Are we expecting someone to come along and
yank our pedals open so that we may feel more
abundant; beautiful; or loved, or are we waiting and
moving ever so patiently towards the light?

We all have choices in our life no matter how difficult
life can be, and it is really easy to forget the true
nature of our being. One way to stay diligent on
remembering is through a consistent practice that
brings you into the feeling of your true inner beauty.
There are so many practices that have worked for so
many. The key is to find one that works for you, and to
stick with it. The practice is like water for the plant
that is trying to move through the hard ground. The
practice softens the earth, and allows the flower to
come forth.

Some of the practices that I have seen work for me or
for others are; meditation, prayer, light work, healing
energy, dance and movement, journaling, positive
music, affirmations, and reading positive and uplifting

I have seen some do too many of these at once and
lose interest and focus right away. The idea is to
weave a couple of these into our daily life so that they
become a consistent nurturing force that helps to
soften our habitual fear or negativity.

As I have written in previous sharings, doing Light
work every day for 25 years has been one of the major
practices that I have used, and I have experienced
many miracles with it. I have also added every one of
the other suggestions at one time or another. The idea
is to keep the positive “water” coming into our being
so that we may blossom into the beautiful and
profound souls that we really are.

May your Spring Time be a time of beautiful growth,
and rising into full bloom.

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