Vision Board Testimonial

In previous post I talked about a workshop that I gave last year on creating a vision board. The woman who sponsored me,Laura, has written this very beautiful and touching testimonial. Thank you Laura and Sebastian for being who you are and sharing your experience with others.
Here is what Laura has written about their experience:

Janese traveled up to Washington, DC last year to give a wonderful workshop on Vision Boarding. We had an intimate group of five, to include my 14 year-old son. Janese presented us with a comprehensive overview of the power of intention and manifesting in our lives, did some enlightening group exercises to demonstrate how with focus and intention we can move negative energy and obstacles to keep us strolling down our little paths, and then we settled into some good old fashioned fun. It was wonderful to create the boards together and to see what “things” were most important to everyone in their lives. Sitting down and visually and actively manifesting our future together was priceless to me. We piled an abundance of magazines in the middle (everything from Yoga to cooking, travel, sports, fashion, you name it — the more the better!), grabbed some glue sticks, glitter and scissors and started designing our lives the way we wanted to see them. Janese’s divine guidance was invaluable during our creation process as she helped us use our intuition to choose those things that would empower us and foster happy little souls. My son Sebastian said his board helps him to focus on what is important to him in his life. The fact that he chose to participate, and his willingness to do so with no real knowledge about what creating a Vision Board was all about, spoke to me. And to my surprise, he even created a new Vision Board a couple months ago and has it hanging on his bedroom wall. For me, I try to look at my board every day (its my friend J) and it is easier for me to say my daily affirmations when I have something visual to gaze upon. And if I let some time slip in between visits and I begin to feel lost or tired or fruitless about the direction of my life, I go to my board and it centers and comforts me. I KNOW that I have the power to create whatever life I want to live. And this, let me tell you… this is EMPOWERING. Thank you, Janese!

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