What is an Intuitive Life Coach?

Attempting to define my role as an Intuitive Life Coach for my new website has been quite an interesting process for me. Up until recently I have simply let others define their experience of the session through word of mouth, and that has worked out well up until now. The challenge with letting others define my role in their life is it allows room for confusion and disappointment in the expectations that one might have regarding their session with me.

So before I go into what I actually do now, I would first like to share with you my evolutionary process that I have traveled thus far.

My first exposure to intuition was when I was 9 years old. My grandmother would read cards for the neighborhood women. I was so fascinated by this that I asked her to teach me how to do that too. She told me that I was not old enough to understand, and that she would teach me when I got a bit older.

That wonderful time came when I was 12 years old. She pulled out her cards that had writing all over them, had me shuffle, then showed me how to lay them out. I listened to her every word as she wove a beautiful story about me. I was entranced and excited that she could say and know so much from the cards. She believed in 100% fate, and that we could know someone’s fate through the cards. I followed that path and belief for quite some time.

My first eye opener to how free will can work in a persons life came when I was in my early 20’s. I gave a reading to this gentleman whose wife had just left him. I “received” the same information that apparently four other readers received. It felt quite clear that she would come back into his life. A year later when he called to tell me she had not, I was quite devastated that I had received the wrong information. I was ready to quit doing this work until this same gentleman called me to tell me that he wanted to thank me for his reading because it had helped him gain some inner strength that he did not have previously.

I was so confused by this experience that I went into deep prayer and asked God for some clarity. I also asked about fate versus free will, and what was it all about. Fortunately through some very clear dreams, I was able to understand it a little better. I am still in an evolving relationship with that question still to this day.

Fortunately I did feel a strong sense to continue doing the work that I was doing at that time. I was quite busy doing sessions throughout the U.S.with a three month waiting list. But deep inside I was still unsettled about the work I was doing. I wanted to serve God in a clear and accurate way, but was a bit confused about how to communicate fate versus free will in a person’s reading. I felt that I was missing something really important.

One day before heading for a trip to California, I asked to be shown what I was missing. Little did I know that my life would change from that question. I was 26 years old.

When I got to California, my sponsor was so excited about these books that she was reading. She suggested that I read them too. I not only read them, they became alive inside of me. Every word had an impact on me in ways that I could not describe.

When I came back from that trip, I had realized that I really didn’t know anything, and I did not want to do “psychic” readings anymore. I felt that I was supporting victim thinking with the readings. So I finished out my three month waiting list, and then quit. I never thought I would ever return again.

Two years later, old clients starting calling me again. I asked the divine what was I suppose to do. I received to tell people that I can give them a new kind of session, I did not know what to call it or how much I would charge. And if they were interested,, then I was open. They said yes, and my career took on a whole new direction.

It was a year before I came up with the title of Intuitive Counselor. I found myself giving less predictions, and helping others to see their deeper and true nature so that they could stand into that truth. My belief went from fate and waiting for the future to unfold to a combination of fate and free will. I realized that we create our future based on our consciousness in the now. And if we are aware of our inner beliefs that are preventing us from our true destiny, then we could heal , and allow God’s grace to come into our life.That our negativity can prevent God’s grace from coming in, and that we can transcend our Karma if we were aware of it.

This became an exciting new direction for me because we are all participating together in transformation. And it has and continues to be so wonderful to watch this transformation take place.

Up until last year I called myself an Intuitive Counselor. But as God has directed my career and life so well up to this point, the new added focus of life coach came from one of my clients.

A few years ago one of my clients of 15 years asked me if I could help coach her through some transformational things in her life. I was open to the opportunity, and she helped guide me to guide her. The experience was truly a blessing.

The coaching element focuses more on taking action towards change. More suggestions and tools are offered in the session. Some clients specifically get a series of coaching sessions with a desired goal in my. As an Intuitive Life Coach I have been fortunate to offer intuitive mediation sessions with couples,siblings, couples, and business partners, find solutions to challenges that they might be having.

My work continues to evolve and grow as I continue to evolve and grow, and I feel quite blessed to be in this work.

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