Your Intuition through changing times

Originally posted on my website 19 Jan 09

This week is a very special week. Today is Martin Luther King
Jr. day and tomorrow is the inauguration of Barrack Obama,
the first black president of the United States, and an
extraordinary human being.
I certainly do feel that these times are filled with a need for
change. If we continue the direction that our country is going,
we will experience suffering that is beyond understanding, and
suffering that could have been prevented.
How wonderful it is that we now have the change happening
that is necessary to raise our financial, emotional, mental, and
spiritual consciousness up.
This is not just because Barack Obama has been elected. He
was elected because his innovated thinking, brilliant mind,
emotional consciousness, and commitment to working with all
people are the qualities that we ourselves have cultivated
more of in our own nature.
It is my belief that leaders and representatives are a reflection
of what the majority is holding in their consciousness,
consciously or unconsciously.
Due to the prayers, deeper levels of compassion, personal
growth, and just plain old-fashioned kind-heartedness, we as a
group have been able to bring in those leaders that are looking
a little deeper and wider in their range; and looking out for
group interests more than their personal interests.
These times can feel more challenging than many have
experienced in past times. Our life style on this planet has
become out of balance, and the results of that are global
warming, economic struggles, and more situations that do not
look like consciousness raising situations.
Change needs to happen in order to bring balance to our global
community. Change can be exciting ,and challenging, or both,
depending on how flexible we really are.
It is important for us to know that when we are out of balance,
suffering happens. When we mistreat anything long enough;
whether it is our heath, a relationship, a job, or anything else,
the result is almost always unpleasant. However, when we see
that we have mistreated something, and work towards
balance and greater health of the situation, the result can
almost always be more positive. This can be said for these
For me “inner guidance” has been a tremendously asset in
helping me through so many times that I have been out of
balance in or off track. No matter whether you believe that it is
God, guides, angels, higher self, soul, or gut feelings, guiding
you; we all have intuition.
The more that we tap into our own intuition, the more likely
these changing times will be easier and more directed for us.
One common way to access your intuition is asking, and
expecting an answer.
I know this might seem simple or abstract for some of you, but
doing it is really the only way that your logical mind can
understand it. Intuition is using the “illogical” mind to come up
with a “knowing” that you will not get through the reasoning
Often time’s people ask for guidance, and feel frustrated that
they are not getting a clear answer. It is the expecting part
that is important. When we expect an answer back, then we
will get it. It might not be as clear as a conversation would be
from someone, it might be a gut feeling or inkling; maybe a
dream gives some clarity; a friend says the right thing that
feels right; or perhaps a book that you are reading gives you a
sense of clarity. There are so many ways to receive intuitive
guidance. Being attached to receiving a certain way or desiring
a certain outcome can hinder the “flow” of information that
wants to come through.
If this is the case, don’t give up, and keep asking. Sometimes
the wording of the question itself can show you how clear you
are on the question. Asking a clear question can be extremely
helpful to receiving a clear answer. If the question is vague
and general, the answer might come vague and general, and
we might miss it because we are wanted more specific
Or sometimes our attachment to how we receive or what we
receive can get in the way. This is common for all of us no
matter how long we have been working with our intuition. We
are human, and we all have an idea on what we want in our
life. We cannot get rid of that. But we can work towards being
more flexible within our self so that we are open to receiving
what is important for our well-being.
I have found that there have been times that I have asked the
same question many nights in a row before getting clear
enough information to act upon.
The next key is to act upon the guidance that you have
received. When we act upon the guidance, our trust becomes
greater; thereby opening the inner doors for more, and for
clearer information to come in. The more that we experience
the value and importance of intuition in our life, especially
through changing times, the more we will become automatic
with receiving guidance in our life. This can only bring us to a
more enriched and fulfilling life. This does not mean always
happy. To expect to be happy all the time, can be an
imbalance. We can expect to feel an inner connection that
gives us a peace through all life’s experiences.

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